Justice for Natalie

This morning I read about Natalie, a young lady whose life has been changed dramatically by simply going to one of the world’s luxury hotels to celebrate her engagement… This could happen to anyone…

Please help show your support to Natalie and her family and simply “Like” this page for Natalie on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/JusticeForNatalie/info, share with your followers on twitter #JusticeForNatalie, and if you have any advice to help this family get justice please do get in touch with them so that she may get the proper treatment and medical coverage she needs.


After going to the Emirates Palace Hotel to celebrate getting engaged, Natalie opened the door to the wardrobe in her hotel room to put shoes in the bottom and the audio visual panel that was at the top of it which was unsecured and broken, fell and struck her hard on the front of her head (temporal lobe) and knocked her unconscious. Natalie was found unconscious on the floor. The Hotel’s Duty Manager at the time took her to hospital in one of the Hotel’s chauffer driven cars. Since the accident Natalie now suffers with Post Traumatic Intractable Refractory Epilepsy and Traumatic Brain Injury. Her seizures caused her to drop suddenly to the floor unconscious and seize (tonic clonic). She has sustained many injuries and broken bones during some of these seizures. Natalie has been in three comas and on ventilators, had blood clots in her lung and leg, extreme blood toxicity, paralysis, temporary loss of sight, massive hair loss, severe debilitating headaches, temporary loss of speech, confusion, permanent memory loss, insomnia, constant infections due to suppressed immunity and over 20 stays in Intensive care. Natalie is up against a huge global corporation with the best lawyers in the region, whilst her and her family fight with virtually no support. However, the court process and the officials involved have been fair, professional and diligent throughout, including the medical experts and the judges, who only want a fair trial with the facts in place. Please, please like this page http://www.facebook.com/JusticeForNatalie and ask others to – we hope to use this to prove that, even though we are not a global entity with billions at our disposal, we still have support and deserve to get justice.

Around the World in 80 words… Havana

I love travelling. I still do. Although while the kiddies are so young this is somewhat on hold.

I love seeing new places, meeting new people, new experiences – good and bad, finding out a little more about yourself each time you go somewhere new, however near or far.

I saw this blog idea via twitter @SAHDandproud and LOVED it.

“Around the world in 80 words”. See his idea here: http://dadandproud.wordpress.com/around-the-world-in-80-words/

So here I go…

Around the World in 80 words… Havana

Havana. Cuba. Hustle and bustle. Heat. Sun. Poverty. Extreme poverty. Hardship. Communism. Colour. Life. Music. Energy. Expression. Characters. Spanish. Mojito’s at “La Bodeguita”. Daiquiri’s in El Floridita. Ernest Hemingway. Neo-classical. 1950’s cars. Che Guevara. I love the Spanish influences. I love Havana.

I want to go back. I was pregnant when I went so this somewhat curbed the drinking and dancing. I want to go and celebrate life, drink mojitos, dance. And smoke a cigar and drink more rum 😉



Sound of the ocean …ssssshhhhhhhh

Sound of the ocean …ssssshhhhhhhh. A very clever phrase I learnt when one is trying to control 30 over excited 8/9 year olds!

In a very short nutshell I loved the classroom work experience. Inspirational.

To be honest it was bizarre seeing my old work colleague working as a teacher when I had been used to seeing her in an office environment, but she was great and had great control of the classroom. Her TA was lovely too, they all made me feel very welcome and I got stuck in from the start rather than just sat at the back note taking.

Aside from trying to teach the kids in one of the groups some mathematics that was slightly advanced for their level (whoops!) it was fantastic working with them in little groups.

There were highs in the children’s behaviour, there were lows, I got to experience different teaching styles and approaches and started me thinking which style I would eventually use myself.

I won’t be applying for my PGCE until my son starts school so I have got a couple of years to get more work experience, but any tips from trainee teachers/teachers out there about what else may prepare me in the meantime would be fab!

I know its going to be a tough journey, and this is only the very tip of the “teaching iceberg” but it felt right being in the classroom and it confirmed my instincts that this is what I want to do 😀

**It is probably worth me pointing out to those teachers/grammatically correct people out there I know that my grammar and punctuation are not fantastic in this blog but I would like to put your minds at rest that I just type away and break all the grammar rules as I go along here, I would take much more care when teaching the class, promise!

Back to school… me!

I am so excited. I am going back to school for 2 days. I have that nervous excitement I haven’t had for a long time, probably the last time was waiting for the birth of my son.

It is 2 days work experience with an old colleague in a school in a London Borough, but it is my *first* time in a classroom experiencing classroom life as an adult.

My new dream of becoming a primary school teacher in a few years hangs in the balance [oh I do love a dramatic statement ;-)].

I have tried to keep an open mind and have got a few other things in the pipeline for the short term. One being training to become a childminder, one doing some temp work for the company I used to work for. My hands are somewhat tied at the moment as the cost of childcare for two versus job options are somewhat limited to say the least (oh Cherie Blair, please do feel free to give me a call so I can give you my opinion!)

I wanted to be a teacher for ages but it never seemed the right time to stop the career I was in and actually have the bottle to go for it. Having children has made me evaluate and *no* not just the fact I would not have to worry about childcare in the summer holidays.

I feel I have a much more definate sense of “myself” and my identity and what I would like to do with my life. My recent relationship status change has not altered these plans. I have been wanting to explore this road for the past number of months.

Anyway, you get the idea.

Teaching is my long term goal. I am trying to keep a level head, a sense of realism, and see things for what they are. However, whatever horror stories I hear they merely seem to spur me on that this is the right journey for me.

We shall see, but if I am right today with my gut instincts, today marks the first day in my journey towards teaching and right now I say, bring it on!

The Versatile Blogger Award :-)


Drunk blogging should be made illegal! Apologies for typos 😉 Yes, I have drunk too much to drive a car, thus probably meaning I am also too drunk to blog. Oh well…

I have been trying to blog when I am up early with the kiddies and they are still zonked out enough to happily insist on watching the television but as I was nominated as one of the bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award by Momma of Mojohttp://www.mommaofmojo.com/p/who-am-i.html I thought I would make an exception to the rule 😉 

[Yes, if there is a Drunk Blogger Award, feel free to put my name forward ;-)]

This is how it works, I share 5 facts about myself, and link back to the blogger who tagged me (http://www.mommaofmojo.com/) and tag 5 other bloggers to do the same thing 🙂 Then the idea is that the bloggers I’ve tagged also do the same on their blog and the award carries on forward 🙂
So here goes, my 5 facts;
1. Caffeine – I find that I am shamefully addicted to the stuff. I get my hit mainly in the form of coffee or diet coke. When I was pregnant quitting the cigarettes and alcohol no problem at all. Cutting down to 3 cups of coffee a day and no diet coke? Nightmare!
2. I am a serial monogamist. However this is the first time I am not going from one relationship straight into another. Scary times. But once and for all on the road to self discovery and learning to love myself is the first step. Easier said than done! 😉
3. I used to be called “Bud Girl”. Mainly because I embarrassed myself at my friends 18th birthday party by drinking too many bottles of Budweiser. I then maintained the name when starting work I challenged one of THE biggest alcoholics in the company (I didn’t know that at the time!) to a *drinking competition*… by the end he was casually ordering whisky at the bar as I was being carried (by my arms and legs, yes like they were giving me birthday bumps, apparently!!!) into a taxi ….
4. I have big feet (for a girl). It is very hard to make size 8 feet look “pretty”. If there are any shoe designers out there who would like to take on that challenge do let me know 😉
5. I am not a morning person. Never have been, and not sure I ever will be. Being woken up regularly around 5am is proving very difficult. Hence vicious circle with Point 1 above…
Right, enough about me! The bloggers I would like to tag are…
Smart Single Mum: http://smartsinglemum.com/ Great blog. Great attitude. Reminded me I was not alone 🙂
For Bella and Will http://bellaandwill.wordpress.com/ A friend who inspired me into the blogging community. Will also get you googling Herman 😉
Confessions of a Single Mum http://www.confessionsofasinglemum.co.uk/ I am sure she has had this award before but I think her blog is fab 🙂
Polly’s Path http://pollynoble.com/ An inspiration. I love her attitude and think her blog is great. She also influenced me in my latest Juicer purchase!
MS Mummy of Two http://msmummyoftwo.blogspot.co.uk/ Like me has just started blogging. Follow her on her journey as she faces new challenges of living with MS. 
Do check out all these blogs if you haven’t before, they are all *fab*!
Thank you again http://www.mommaofmojo.com/ 🙂 x

“Carrot Applely”

My new man replacement (a.k.a. Juicer) has had the somewhat fantastic side effect of getting my children to eat more fruit and veg!

In. actual. shock.!

My 2 kiddies insisted on eating some raw carrot when they saw me chopping it up (result!) then my daughter helped me put the carrot and apple in the juicer and came up with the name “carrot applely”, refused to try drinking some but then ate some chopped apple, and my son then ate a whole apple!

Why didn’t I invest in a juicer sooner?! (Oh yes, <*insert derogatory comment about ex*>)