Sound of the ocean …ssssshhhhhhhh

Sound of the ocean …ssssshhhhhhhh. A very clever phrase I learnt when one is trying to control 30 over excited 8/9 year olds!

In a very short nutshell I loved the classroom work experience. Inspirational.

To be honest it was bizarre seeing my old work colleague working as a teacher when I had been used to seeing her in an office environment, but she was great and had great control of the classroom. Her TA was lovely too, they all made me feel very welcome and I got stuck in from the start rather than just sat at the back note taking.

Aside from trying to teach the kids in one of the groups some mathematics that was slightly advanced for their level (whoops!) it was fantastic working with them in little groups.

There were highs in the children’s behaviour, there were lows, I got to experience different teaching styles and approaches and started me thinking which style I would eventually use myself.

I won’t be applying for my PGCE until my son starts school so I have got a couple of years to get more work experience, but any tips from trainee teachers/teachers out there about what else may prepare me in the meantime would be fab!

I know its going to be a tough journey, and this is only the very tip of the “teaching iceberg” but it felt right being in the classroom and it confirmed my instincts that this is what I want to do 😀

**It is probably worth me pointing out to those teachers/grammatically correct people out there I know that my grammar and punctuation are not fantastic in this blog but I would like to put your minds at rest that I just type away and break all the grammar rules as I go along here, I would take much more care when teaching the class, promise!