Today I choose… juicing!

I have just extravagantly bought myself a juicer. Not just any old juicer but a Matstone Juicer in Burgandy:

VERY excited. Something I was going to buy last year but my partner just rubbished the idea so I didn’t go for it. Now he has left I can juice as much as I damn well please! !

My daughter is a bit sad they don’t do it in pink but has settled for red as second choice 😉

I have also been inspired to juice by the lovely Polly Noble who I read about last year, and introduced my friend to who is currently courageously fighting pancreatic cancer.

At the time I realised that I should start to change my diet and live healthier etc… as there is a very strong history of cancer in my family and my friend getting ill was a real reminder that no one is immune from this horrid disease. However, aside from doing a bit more exercise and cutting down on alcohol that was about it. And I made sure me and the kids ate a bit more fruit and veg.

With my latest health scare I realise that I want to give myself the best chance of fighting the disease, or of prevention if this is a false alarm.

Even taking this little first step I feel so much more empowered than sadly looking at my children playing thinking there may be a chance I won’t see them grow up.

Now to do a grocery shop for juicing ingredients!