40 Things

Life is short. Life is precious. Die of Exhaustion not boredom.

Finding things quite tough at the moment. Adjusting to life on my own, whilst mending emotional scars and trying to bring up happy unaffected kiddies. I’m in need of some goal setting and future dreams to help lift my spirits.

I remembered that I had signed up to “43 things” so time to nose and have a look what these were 5.5 years ago…! (see bottom of post) And then time to re-evaluate and set myself some new goals…

I know loads of bloggers have written similar posts blah blah but this is for me. Not you. Although I am happy to share 😉 and please feel free to post encouraging comments etc… And good luck with your goals!

*Please note these are in no particular order!

40 Things to Do by the time I’m 40

  1. Learn to love MYSELF
  2. Use my new juicer – regularly!
  3. Run a half marathon
  4. Take part in the Moon Walk
  5. Give blood
  6. Play my cello again (been 15 years!)
  7. Learn to dance_some sort of lesson involved!
  8. Go to Florence
  9. Go to a Zumba class
  10. Look after my teeth (floss daily etc.)
  11. Get back into Photography
  12. Go speed dating (for a laugh!)
  13. Drive Route 66 (or wharever the frick its called now_Interstate 40???)
  14. Scrapbooks for the children
  15. Get closure on hurt, grievances and past unhappiness
  16. Go in a hot air balloon
  17. Take the kiddies to Euro Disney
  18. Train to be a childminder (short term)
  19. Train to be a teacher (long term)
  20. Have a hot stone spa treatment
  21. Get a rabbit [not the pet variety ;-)]
  22. Learn to love again… in time
  23. Help raise money and awareness for favourite charities
  24. Learn how to prune the roses in the garden
  25. Learn Spanish
  26. Go up the Eiffel Tower
  27. Do a mud run
  28. Learn relaxation techniques
  29. Climb a mountain (singing at the top optional!)
  30. Try Decopatch
  31. Spend “quality” time with each child every day
  32. Learn how to blog
  33. Drive a Sports car (please note I’m not assuming to “own” one!)
  34. Take kiddies camping
  35. Go to a music festival with the kids
  36. Draw pictures of my children
  37. See Mumford and Sons play live
  38. Try surfing
  39. Go to the spa in Bath
  40. See the northern lights

This was my 43 things list below from Dec 2006 with some notes I just added in today…

  1. Remember life is too short – I tried to…
  2. Eat Healthier – only really happened when I fell pregnant!
  3. Put work into perspective – worked very hard for little reward in an industry I didn’t respect that much…
  4. Save Darfur – I went on one march, signed a petition and read a book – could have done more
  5. Give blood – never did and then was pregnant
  6. Learn to play the guitar – bought one and then it went up in my folks attic
  7. Exercise at least once a week – managed a swim once most weeks if I recall
  8. Do something new every month – I did do this for a while, was good fun!
  9. Get out of debt – did manage that back then, just as well as living off savings now!
  10. Look after my teeth (floss daily etc.)
  11. Photography – got a few photos published 🙂
  12. Read 2 books a month – more like 1 book every 2 months…
  13. Drink less alcohol – I used to drink a lot back then
  14. Scrapbook my life – I did do this for one year before kiddies
  15. Try yoga – didn’t really like it, enjoyed Pilates much more
  16. Get less stressed at work 
  17. Spend time with my family
  18. Learn how to play poker – sort of, enough to have a game with old work mates
  19. Learn how to use photoshop – done now don’t have a copy to use d’oh!
  20. Live passionately
  21. Make a difference – a bit vague?!
  22. Put less importance on buying things 
  23. Travel 
  24. Be inspired
  25. Learn Spanish
  26. Inspire others
  27. Be charismatic
  28. Learn relaxation techniques
  29. Look after my body -?!
  30. Cook – haha oh yes back then I lived on tuna pasta 😉
  31. Open my mind – sounds like a LSD moment!
  32. Keep in touch with more friends
  33. Be happy
  34. Learn to dance – never did manage that one (2 left feet)
  35. Dance like nobody’s watching – better if they don’t anyway! 😉
  36. Drawing
  37. Listen to more music
  38. Be financially independent
  39. Have fun
  40. Save money
  41. Read more
  42. Love myself – thats back on my list!
  43. Try Tai chi – was a bit “out there” for me

2 thoughts on “40 Things

  1. Just found your blog via the link you put on twitter. II’ve been trying to write a 40 by 40 but haven’t got past 20 yet. (If only the actual years had been so slow!). I like your list – it’s inspired me to look at mine again. When you have a young family it’s so easy to lose sight of doing anything for yourself. I think making lists like this great as a gentle prompt now and again to go do something for you. :0)

  2. Glad you like the list and its inspired you to look at yours 🙂

    Its so true about losing sight of doing anything for yourself, I felt slightly guilty even coming up with it but as a good friend of mine said, happy mummy = happy children 😉

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