Pot of gold…

Yesterday I found a pot of gold. Not an actual pot, but I had some great news.

Last week I found a lump in my left breast and went to the Dr’s. He agreed with me and referred me to the breast clinic. I had the appointment yesterday morning. It was a very long wait in the waiting room, I spent most of it looking around thinking about how some of us were going to be facing a new battle.

When my turn was up I went to see the Dr for an examination, and he felt that it was probably nothing to worry about but that an ultrasound would confirm things. An hour and a half wait and I had an ultrasound with a very nice female doctor and although she could see a very small shape, thought it was a lymph node that had been inflamed. All within healthy proportions. Come back in 6 months to review but sooner if I had any concerns.

What an amazing relief. I had been trying to be positive but was also feeling as though my life was on hold until I knew what the outcome was going to be.

I feel I can start to plan mine and the kiddies future again. I also realise that to give my kids the best possible life I need to be healthy too, so my health is very much back on the agenda. Whatever I am feeling emotionally from my relationship ending I owe it to my kiddies to be in the best possible health, both mentally and physically.

Time to dig out those running shoes again…