Around the World in 80 words… Havana

I love travelling. I still do. Although while the kiddies are so young this is somewhat on hold.

I love seeing new places, meeting new people, new experiences – good and bad, finding out a little more about yourself each time you go somewhere new, however near or far.

I saw this blog idea via twitter @SAHDandproud and LOVED it.

“Around the world in 80 words”. See his idea here:

So here I go…

Around the World in 80 words… Havana

Havana. Cuba. Hustle and bustle. Heat. Sun. Poverty. Extreme poverty. Hardship. Communism. Colour. Life. Music. Energy. Expression. Characters. Spanish. Mojito’s at “La Bodeguita”. Daiquiri’s in El Floridita. Ernest Hemingway. Neo-classical. 1950’s cars. Che Guevara. I love the Spanish influences. I love Havana.

I want to go back. I was pregnant when I went so this somewhat curbed the drinking and dancing. I want to go and celebrate life, drink mojitos, dance. And smoke a cigar and drink more rum 😉