Three (or more) blind mice…

We have mice. At first I thought they would just go away if I made sure there was no signs of any crumbs etc… around, but the droppings behind the sofa and tumble dryer/fridge in kitchen have increased if anything, waaaa!

Today I am going to get some of the humane traps, although I will admit I am a little scared of coming down in the morning to find it has actually caught one! 😮

Stupid I know but another role my partner was better skilled at, although it pains me to admit it 😉

Mind you he was absolutely terrible at dealing with wasps or bees in the house and would scream like a girl. Haha.

I just googled how to “get rid of mice naturally” – check out number 5!! 

“USE DRIED SNAKE POO” wtf?!!! Probably my 2 worst things in the world… snakes AND poo!

And number 15 – get a barn owl!!!

Very useful…!

Think I will go with blocking gaps, airtight containers and humane traps and see what happens… you never know if I get really desperate then snake poo may have to be the way forward… ?!?!