It made me giggle….

I know its a bit childish, but it made me giggle…

My matstone juicer turned up and the auger is somewhat, er, “phallic” shaped!

See what you think 😉

So my juicer really is my man replacement at the moment! Haha.

It’s good to find things to laugh about 😀

Anyway, enough about w1llies…

Today is Father’s Day, so *happy father’s day* to all you daddy’s out there. I hope you are lucky enough to see either your own children today or in fact your own father.

As my children go off with their daddy for the day my dad is coming up to visit with my mum which will be a nice distraction. I love my dad. I’m a real daddy’s girl. Probably doesn’t help my expectations in my relationships! Although actually when you look at my past partner’s I would probably argue my expectations probably were not high enough! [Moi, bitter?!! ;-)]

I did feel rather lonely last night, not helped by the lack of decent TV listings (!), or my ex texting me trying to go round (err, hello the children?!!!!! YOUR children are in bed!

First of all I thought he had text me by mistake, although that would not surprise me either! But no, it was directed at me. I politely declined although it did make me quite cross at his attempt.

Drank 3/4 bottle of Rose, ate a whole big bag of Walkers Sensations (Chicken – yum!) and felt much better after a short time wallowing in self pity.

Anyway, my male “replacement” is calling me… Now to work out how I can disguise a green juice to make the kiddies drink it!!!


Three (or more) blind mice…

We have mice. At first I thought they would just go away if I made sure there was no signs of any crumbs etc… around, but the droppings behind the sofa and tumble dryer/fridge in kitchen have increased if anything, waaaa!

Today I am going to get some of the humane traps, although I will admit I am a little scared of coming down in the morning to find it has actually caught one! 😮

Stupid I know but another role my partner was better skilled at, although it pains me to admit it 😉

Mind you he was absolutely terrible at dealing with wasps or bees in the house and would scream like a girl. Haha.

I just googled how to “get rid of mice naturally” – check out number 5!! 

“USE DRIED SNAKE POO” wtf?!!! Probably my 2 worst things in the world… snakes AND poo!

And number 15 – get a barn owl!!!

Very useful…!

Think I will go with blocking gaps, airtight containers and humane traps and see what happens… you never know if I get really desperate then snake poo may have to be the way forward… ?!?!


Friends are angels…

Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly. 
— Anonymous



I am very lucky to have many angels in my life, some are going through their own battles and tough times but still are there for me, and giving me their amazing support. This post is a thank you to them and a hope that you all have angels in your life who you can call on in your hour of need.