Back to school… me!

I am so excited. I am going back to school for 2 days. I have that nervous excitement I haven’t had for a long time, probably the last time was waiting for the birth of my son.

It is 2 days work experience with an old colleague in a school in a London Borough, but it is my *first* time in a classroom experiencing classroom life as an adult.

My new dream of becoming a primary school teacher in a few years hangs in the balance [oh I do love a dramatic statement ;-)].

I have tried to keep an open mind and have got a few other things in the pipeline for the short term. One being training to become a childminder, one doing some temp work for the company I used to work for. My hands are somewhat tied at the moment as the cost of childcare for two versus job options are somewhat limited to say the least (oh Cherie Blair, please do feel free to give me a call so I can give you my opinion!)

I wanted to be a teacher for ages but it never seemed the right time to stop the career I was in and actually have the bottle to go for it. Having children has made me evaluate and *no* not just the fact I would not have to worry about childcare in the summer holidays.

I feel I have a much more definate sense of “myself” and my identity and what I would like to do with my life. My recent relationship status change has not altered these plans. I have been wanting to explore this road for the past number of months.

Anyway, you get the idea.

Teaching is my long term goal. I am trying to keep a level head, a sense of realism, and see things for what they are. However, whatever horror stories I hear they merely seem to spur me on that this is the right journey for me.

We shall see, but if I am right today with my gut instincts, today marks the first day in my journey towards teaching and right now I say, bring it on!


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